In 2011 we began our quest to contract with someone to build a bar in the lower level of our house. Jim was one of the people that bid on the job. After reviewing both cost and reference's comments regarding quality of work, we chose Jim for the job. We are thrilled at the outcome and the bar he built in the lower level turned out great. Jim was able to incorporate two load bearing pillars into the design, include glass cabinets for my beer mug collection, and create a great place to congregate with friends and family. The bar includes built-in ice maker, dish washer and bar sink; it has a space for refrigerator and microwave. The craftsmanship is excellent and he was able to build to our desired specifications. Jim did a good job of meeting dates he identified for completion of various steps of the project. It's our pleasure to recommend Custom Woodworking by Jim.

Mike and Lori

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